Why is Ibis Your Best Choice for Training?

The Best Instructors

Our instructors have years of consulting experience working on real-world projects. They can apply that real-world knowledge to the (sometimes disconnected) academic realm. So, you get a view of not only what 'the book' says; but also a perspective from someone who's been in the trenches learning what does and does not work in the 'real world'. That perspective makes a huge difference between an OK instructor and a great instructor.

Our instructors spend more time consulting than they do teaching (although they are quite exprienced teachers; each has taught at least 50 courses). Check out some of the projects they've worked on.

Amazingly Affordable

At Ibis we've worked very hard to keep our costs down. We do this for two primary reasons: We can offer you lower rates and we can pay our instructors more.

Offering you lower rates means we get more business. Paying our instructors more means we attract the best trainers in the industry. Low rates and great trainers means our clients are very satisfied, they come back for more training, and they tell other people how great Ibis is. In fact, the only money Ibis spends on advertising is for higher rankings in certain search engines (our monthly advertising budget is typically less than $20!).

Another way we deeply cut overhead expenses is by not having our own training facilities. Instead, we utilize your facilities or contract with independent training centers to use their facilities. Many of our clients have their own facilities or are not local to our offices so money tied up on classrooms and equipment would not only be wasted, but those expenses would then need to be passed on to you.

Just how low are our costs? Most of our clients find that we can offer the highest quality instruction at about 50% less than a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC). Contact us for a quote.

Flexible Solutions

We can offer you standard Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) training, customized training, or the best of both worlds with a mixture of MOC and training focussing on your specific, real-world needs.

MOC: Most customers like the MOC because it provides a broad-based foundation for their employees to build upon. As employees move from one project to another, they have solid, foundational skills to apply no matter what the situation. Furthermore, many MOC courses are good preparation for Microsoft certification exams (more and more companies are realizing the benefits of having Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff).

Custom Training: Some customers have specific needs that need to be met immediately. For example, one client needed database administration training for their e-commerce web site. Ibis designed a custom training program to quickly get the staff up to speed on fault tolerance, backup and restore strategies, optimization techniques, stored procedures, security, and server configuration.

Best of Both Worlds: Want your staff to have a solid foundation augmented by some project-specific training? No problem. With Ibis, you really can have the best of both worlds! We'll teach using the MOC but supplement it with material for your specific needs.

We Come to You

Ibis instructors are available to travel anywhere in the world. While it may sound expensive to fly one of our instructors in for training, it really isn't. Contact us for a quote.